Corie Brown (Continuity Announcer, Channel 4)

How do you define your disability?

I have a severe sight impairment.

How does your company promote and support disability in the work place?

Channel 4 has an inclusive recruitment process, so we can attract the best talent. Our culture encourages open conversations and staff are provided with workplace adjustments if necessary (I use assistive software).

We have a disability staff network at Channel 4 that's open to anyone in the company who wants to help bring about positive change in this area.

What words of encouragement would you give to disabled people looking to find success in the workplace?

Have confidence in your ability – remember, you know yourself better than anyone else.

It’s OK to talk about disability, and asking for a bit of help is not a sign of weakness. In my experience, this has been really empowering, for me and for my colleagues.

If you want to be able to be your very best at work, be clear about the adjustments you need... and politely persist until you get them!

Where can people find out more?

Channel 4 Careers