Robert Gibbons (Advanced apprentice network engineer, BT)

How do you define your disability?

I have a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and in all honesty I see it as an advantage.

My autism traits are a double-edged sword - the reason for many of my successes in life as well as many of my failures.

When harnessed correctly, they offer me unique advantages in the workplace and in life.

How does your company support promote and support disability in the work place?

At BT, we’ve signed up to be a disability confident employer and to champion disability inclusion throughout all our communication points.

We also encourage other employers in our supply and customer chains to get involved. We’ll stay at the forefront of the conversation and support other committed organisations.

We recently ran a Disability Confident event: an afternoon celebrating the positives that disability, neurodiversity and facial difference bring to the workplace, and highlighting the importance of ensuring everyone has equal opportunities at work to perform at their best.