Property Ladder

    • Series 6 Episode 1

      Sarah Beeny travels to both West Sussex and to Hertford where two sets of parents hope to use the profit from their developments to fund college fees

    • Series 6 Episode 2

      Sarah Beeny has a fiery encounter with two sets of more experienced developers, both hoping to make a whopping £100,000 profit in Northampton and Clevedon

    • Series 6 Episode 3

      Sarah Beeny takes on two sets of developers who are convinced that there's easy money to be had in doing up property, one in Ewell and the other in Aylesbury

    • Series 6 Episode 4

      Sarah Beeny has two brand new sets of property developers in Greenwich and Strood, and a real rollercoaster ride of a story that's all about location

    • Series 6 Episode 5

      Sarah Beeny meets Steve Lumb, who is converting a striking Methodist chapel, as well as a couple with plans for a quaint former country pub

    • Series 6 Episode 6

      Sarah Beeny helps Milan Patel and Tai Alibhai expand a small cottage in Stanmore, while in south London, Andy Davenport and Leanne Hewitt's cheap semi is experiencing a bout of subsidence

    • Series 6 Episode 7

      Sarah Beeny gives more down-to-earth advice for property developers, including Matt and Jodie Turnbull in Streatham and Clive and Deborah Jacobs in Aldershot

    • Series 6 Episode 8

      Sarah Beeny continues the property-for-profits series in Chiswick, west London, helping Richard Chan and Isabelle Peno through possibly the biggest challenge she's ever seen

    • Series 6 Episode 9

      Bouncers Danny Smith and Sean Spencer make an unlikely pair of developers. They've taken on a Victorian terraced house and are determined to renovate it themselves on a non-existent budget.

    • Series 6 Episode 10

      Sarah Beeny has her hands full with one set of developers trying to squeeze three bedrooms into two tiny cottages while the others are tackling the DIY on two derelict semis themselves

    • Series 6 Episode 11

      Heidi Sutton has given up her job to concentrate purely on property developing, while Julie Thomas and Lee Jones are more circumspect about continuing in the property game

    • Series 6 Episode 12

      Sarah Beeny catches up with Mark and Tammy Howard, and Dave Hearne and Nick Holmes, who were all convinced they could make huge profits on tricky listed properties

    • Series 6 Episode 13

      Sarah Beeny pays a call on Myles Gilbert and his marathon penthouse development on Brighton seafront and finds out about his new property venture that has cost him £5,000,000

    • Series 6 Episode 14

      Sarah Beeny heads back to Harlaxton to catch up with Mark and Tammie Howard as they try to build the ultimate family home and develop a massive barn

    • Series 6 Episode 15

      Sarah Beeny catches up with David and Christine Hollingworth in Crouch End, north London, as David finds out whether he really can cut it as a full-time property developer

    • Series 6 Episode 16

      Sarah Beeny revisits Michael and Sally Gregory, whose 2005 Bristol property development proved profitable. Two years on, they're tackling a much harder urban location in Clevedon town centre.

    • Series 6 Episode 17

      In 2006, Sarah Beeney met the Fairall family, who successfully turned developing into a full-scale family business, but this time around things are not so smooth

    • Series 6 Episode 18

      Sarah Beeny's back on the south coast of England to revisit Rebecca Lang who successfully took on the luxury property market and walked away with a staggering £100,000 profit in 2006

    • Series 6 Episode 19

      Sarah Beeny revisits Tina and Craig Young, whose outrageous spending blew apart their budget. Once bitten, twice shy? Not a bit of it. They're back with a six-flat conversion.

    • Series 6 Episode 20

      Sarah returns to see if Gareth Milford has managed to survive the housing slump with his development in Herefordshire and finds out if Myles Gilbert has managed to sell his Brighton home