Professor T

    • Episode 1 - Cuberdon

      The team investigate a number of fatalities that have been caused by poisoning. Daan is back in the office but his relationship with Annelies is under strain. Professor T's replacement is struggling.

    • Episode 2 - Ring of Fire

      When a fire breaks out at a student residence, it turns out to be a case of arson. Professor T's therapist challenges him to ride on a bus, but he is more concerned about his university replacement.

    • Episode 3 - The Family

      The mysterious deaths of a physician, his wife and children leave the team perplexed. Annelies makes a shocking discovery about her father. Rabet's son-in-law wants to take his granddaughter to India.

    • Episode 4 - Past Imperfect

      A series of attacks are carried out on SUVs. Professor T invites Christina Flamant to his home for dinner as a therapy assignment, but it doesn't go smoothly. Daan's replacement John joins the team.

    • Episode 5 - Of Passion

      Shocked by Van der Weyden's poor teaching, Professor T embarks on a mission to bring him down. Annelies has some tough decisions to make about her father's care. Rabet vanishes with his granddaughter.

    • Episode 6 - Diamond

      Annelies and John have a tough case to crack when a jeweller's family is taken hostage. Flamant has assumed Rabet's responsibilities, but she has problems of her own after separating from her husband.

    • Episode 7 - Jitske

      Jitske, a 17-year-old girl with Down's syndrome, claims that she knows who murdered her mother, but she doesn't want to say who it is. Professor T fears that Flamant is making advances towards him.

    • Episode 8 - Attachment Issues

      A woman's body is found 100 metres from where her car fell into a deep canal, but the team are puzzled when they realise her injuries were not caused by the accident. Professor T's ego takes a blow.

    • Episode 9 - The Conference

      Professor T refuses to address the annual conference of criminologists because he has only been given a slot as second speaker. But then the headliner is murdered, throwing the event into disarray.

    • Episode 10 - The DNA of a Murderer

      Professor T is outraged when his therapist implies that his feelings for Christina Flamant may run deeper than he admits. Struggling with a heart-breaking decision, Annelies turns to John for support.

    • Episode 11 - Dead Girls Don't Sing

      When a student at a strict Catholic boarding school is found dead in her room, the team investigate. Annelies lays her father to rest. Rabet is back from his trip and soon rubs John up the wrong way.

    • Episode 12 - Swansong Part 1

      An undercover agent who infiltrated the local drugs scene is found dead in the boot of his car. The target of the subsequent investigation is drug lord Mark Desmedt, but is he too obvious a suspect?

    • Episode 13 - Swansong Part 2

      While the team is closing in on drug lord Mark Desmedt, John discovers that Rabet and Serge are working together with the criminal. Professor T asks Annelies to assist him with some vital research.