Posh Pawn

  • Posh Pawn: Original Documentary

    Prestige Pawnbrokers are the kings of pawning luxurious and costly objects in cash-strapped Britain and are part of a growing number of pawnbrokers focusing on expensive and exclusive objects

  • Series 1 Episode 1

    The hidden world of high-end pawnbroking. The staff at Prestige Pawnbrokers are blown away by two jaw-dropping diamond necklaces, owned by two very different clients.

  • Series 1 Episode 2

    James has his work cut out sealing a deal with a pushy young entrepreneur who wants to borrow £100,000 against his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

  • Series 1 Episode 3

    Reformed 1980s cat burglar Sid hopes to raise funds with help from his family and their jewellery

  • Series 1 Episode 4

    The series that uncovers the hidden world of high-end pawnbroking continues. Former catwalk model Cathy wants to borrow £50,000 to launch a range of unusual women's lingerie.

  • Series 1 Episode 5

    A family man approaches Prestige Pawnbrokers with 12 classic cars to raise the money to avoid having his mansion repossessed, but it's another of his possessions that catches James's attention

  • Series 1 Episode 6

    James' manoeuvring skills are put to the test as he test drives a client's 40-foot American motorhome. A shopaholic hopes to sell two modern art paintings to pursue a new career in photography.

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    An ex-Chelsea footballer player turns up with some expensive Rolex watches, and James is put to the test when he's asked to evaluate a hovercraft used in a James Bond film

  • Series 2 Episode 2

    A divorcee from Newcastle wants to pawn her £185k necklace to pay for her children's private school fees. A Swarovski crystal-covered drum kit used on a Kylie Minogue tour gets Patrick excited.

  • Series 2 Episode 3

    Prestige Pawnbrokers boss James mixes business with pleasure as he meets an entrepreneur friend in Spain who's looking to get a £100k loan on his luxury 18-metre yacht

  • Series 2 Episode 4

    This episode features paintings by East End gangsters the Krays, and some fake watches cause a bust-up with staff

  • Series 2 Episode 5

    The staff are amused when a life-sized suit of armour and matching horse arrive at the new Hatton Garden shop. James gets stuck without a paddle on a canal barge.

  • Series 2 Episode 6

    James heads to Lanzarote for his biggest deal yet, the sale of a £1.5m yellow submarine. A rare Sex Pistols guitar puts Lawrence in a difficult position and a doting dad-to-be pawns his black Ferrari.

  • Series 2 Episode 7

    Can Kristin accurately evaluate a piece of jade that could be worth over £300,000? And Weybridge manager Jamo sells a 1930s classic car under the watchful eye of boss and car expert James.

  • Series 2 Episode 8

    A bumper-car collector looking for a loan visits the shop offering an impromptu test drive in the city. Patrick is star-struck when he deals with a bass guitarist who used to play with Eric Clapton.

  • Posh Pawn at Christmas

    In this Christmas Special, James shocks the team by offering free valuations for charity. Caprice sells a designer dress for a worthy cause. And the staff prepare for their Christmas party.

  • Series 3 Episode 1

    James examines a stunning yacht in Palma, while Lawrence values a guitar signed by Oasis. A spectacular diamond bracelet gives new branch manager Alicja the chance to secure an international client.

  • Series 3 Episode 2

    A retired couple decide it's time to part with their colossal back garden railway. Plus: a collection of 500 handbags, a 71-carat tanzanite ring and a bespoke show motorbike.

  • Series 3 Episode 3

    James crashes a converted double decker bus on a test drive. A teenage couple want to sell her grandfather's designer watch so they can invest in their fledgling jewellery business.

  • Series 3 Episode 4

    A glamorous Ibiza club DJ wants to sell her designer goods to finance her push to go global. And can James recoup his losses on an unredeemed Aston Martin when it goes to auction?

  • Series 3 Episode 5

    James visits Lanzarote and a wine collection that may be worth a million Euros. Meanwhile, an aspiring 23-year-old gastro pub owner wants to secure a loan against a £250,000 Bentley.

  • Posh Pawn at Christmas

    Can superbike legend Carl Fogarty get Prestige Pawbrokers boss James into the Christmas spirit? Plus: a former Miss England wants to trade in her diamonds for a new life.

  • Series 4 Episode 1

    This episode includes rare items that are allegedly from Ernest Shackleton's expeditions. Meanwhile, a colourful Soho legend wants to sell some vintage Chanel bags to finance botox and a new bathroom.

  • Series 4 Episode 2

    In Ibiza, James appraises a speedboat and a diamond ring that gets him hot under the collar. Plus: boxing memorabilia and a rare purse from yesteryear.

  • Series 4 Episode 3

    James tries to cut an £85,000 deal on a modified sports car. Designer handbag expert Claudia appraises a former New York socialite's large collection of bags.

  • Series 4 Episode 4

    James hopes to sell a World War II Tiger Moth biplane for £70,000. A lord and lady are after big money for luxury handbags and a guitar signed by all of the Rolling Stones.

  • Series 4 Episode 5

    James test drives a home-made electric bike. A bespoke DJ van rocks up at Prestige Pawnbrokers HQ with a hefty price tag. And a bishop wants to sell a Salvador Dali sculpture.

  • Series 4 Episode 6

    Claudia meets her match when a former fashionista approaches her about a collection of designer handbags, while James has to make a snap decision on an Italian classic scooter

  • Series 5 Episode 1

    James takes an extremely rare Porsche for a spin. A member of the team drops a bombshell. Can two handbags fund a mansion for a hairless cat? Plus a life-size David Beckham statue.

  • Series 5 Episode 2

    Can the owner of a historic boat raise £750,000 to make his dream of becoming a well-known children's author come true? And James visits his new Manchester branch for the first time.

  • Series 5 Episode 3

    James turns heads for the wrong reasons behind the wheel of a Ferrari in Marbella. Claudia talks handbags with a former The Price Is Right model. And can Lawrence sell 14 pieces of boxing memorabilia?

  • Series 5 Episode 4

    James tries out a passenger jet simulator, but will he lend £150,000 on it? Plus: designer handbags, a stunning diamond and sapphire necklace - and a glimpse of James's softer side.

  • Series 5 Episode 5

    James swaps his usual fast cars for something smaller, with memorabilia expert Lawrence. Plus: a handbag that belonged to Sharon Osbourne, and stunning diamond and sapphire jewellery.

  • Posh Pawn at Christmas

    James takes the team for an ice-breaking Christmas excursion. Beth Tweddle wants to sell her Olympic leotards to raise money for a good cause. And a luxury yacht comes up for sale for £200,000.

  • Series 6 Episode 1

    An aspiring fitness guru takes James on a ride around London in an eye-catching supercar. Plus: a helmet that belonged to land speed record breaker Donald Campbell, and more.

  • Series 6 Episode 2

    James enjoys a drink from a fire engine bar. A former model is selling some designer bags to finance the renovation of her house and body. Plus: an autograph collection that could be worth £20,000.

  • Series 6 Episode 3

    A military enthusiast hopes to sell an army tank for £30,000. A man about town wants to upgrade his Hermes Birkin bag. And James is presented with a Sultan's sword.

  • Series 6 Episode 4

    James heads to Marbella to appraise a 75-foot yacht worth £250,000, and an aspiring restaurateur wants to raise £80,000 by selling his Ferrari Spyder

  • Series 6 Episode 5

    James reluctantly takes to the skies above the Isle of Wight in a plane with folding wings. Ex Big Brother housemate Chelsea Singh wants to borrow £50,000 against his beloved Bentley.

  • Series 6 Episode 6

    'Human Ken doll' Rodrigo Alves is selling his designer luggage and watches. Alvin Stardust's widow brings in a guitar signed by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

  • Series 6 Episode 7

    James test drives a Radical racing car and values a tiara that could be worth £40,000. Lawrence deals with an intriguing enquiry about a piece of pop art.

  • Series 7 Episode 1

    James test drives a 1960s Austin A35 van. Claudia checks out some designer handbags in Manchester. And 1980s pop star Leee John has a selection of jewellery that he hopes is worth £40,000.

  • Series 7 Episode 2

    James gets his petrolhead fix with an E-Type Jaguar worth over £100,000. Claudia is presented with an extravagant impulse buy. Lawrence appraises some unusual artwork.