Peep Show

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    S9: Trailer

    Now approaching 40, with emotional scars still smarting and an impending wedding on the horizon, it seems that things might take an interesting turn for the pair.

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    S1-Ep5: Stalingrad

    An inspired Mark has what is almost definitely a good idea

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    S1-Ep3: Bowling Fruitcake

    Mark takes things to a different level at the bowling alley

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    S1-Ep3: Double Date

    'For the worst thing that could possibly happen, this is actually going extremely well'

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    Anxiety Evangelist

    Mark's computer has died and he's not happy about it - time to share the love with Jez

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    Morning Horn

    It's a good day for Jez. It's a bad for Mark.

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    I Bet He's Naked

    Jez's caught out in the cold but finds some warm relief with Elena

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    Mark's New Sofa

    As a high level JLB manager Mark needs an executive rank sofa. Only problem is getting the old one out, but Super Hans' axe solution isn't quite 'cutting' it

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    Home Office

    Mark's finding working with Johnson in his flat a touch claustrophobic

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    Driven Away

    Mark's new driving instructor is not making much effort to keep his pupil happy