Onwards and Onwards

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    Episode 1 - Session 1: Lone Wolf

    Marcella (Roisin Conaty) has to get to her first life coaching session, but first she has to work out whose bed she's in and why she's covered in fried chicken

    Adult humourThis episode is subtitled6 mins
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    Episode 2 - Session 2: Kansas

    It's time for Marcella (Roisin Conaty) to think about the future. Will she ever make it as a country and western singer?

    Adult humourThis episode is subtitled5 mins
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    Episode 3 - Session 3: Promises

    This week Marcella (Roisin Conaty) has really made an effort. Maybe, just maybe, she doesn't need a life coach any more...

    Very strong language and adult humourThis episode is subtitled6 mins