Online and Lying

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      Episode 1: Identity Theft and Cyber Crime

      Emily meets a victim of identity theft, a convicted hacker, a scammer and the police, to help unravel the world of cyber crime, and she makes an important decision about what to do about being trolled

      This episode is subtitled13 mins
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      Episode 2: Sex and Relationships

      Emily goes on a romantic blind date with one of her fans and meets a catfish victim. And a detective reveals how many love cheats are using the web to start affairs.

      Strong language and nudityThis episode is subtitled16 mins
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      Episode 3: Friends, Family and Me

      To learn about the psychology of living online, Emily visits a psychotherapist and meets a family torn apart by harassment, a selfie-obsessive and a woman with agoraphobia who's living her life online

      This episode is subtitled14 mins
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      Episode 4: Am I Normal?

      Emily questions if her own online behaviour is normal and meets a YouTube star, a self-confessed Facebook fraud, a digital agency, and gets a visit from the Police.

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled12 mins
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      Episode 5: Compilation

      Why are our online lives so different from our real lives, and what affect does this have on us, our friends and our family?

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled47 mins