One Born Every Minute


  • Multiple Births: Positioning

    One of the elements in the decision about which will be the best method of delivery is the position – or ‘presentation’ – of the babies in the womb during the third trimester

  • Multiple Births: Emergency C-Section

    The reasons why a Caesarean section may be performed as a matter of emergency include:

  • Multiple Births: Your Circumstances

    You may have certain medical conditions, which either existed before the pregnancy or have developed as a result, that make vaginal birth a high-risk option

  • Multiple Births: Vaginal Delivery

    Vaginal deliveries take place in over 40 per cent of twin births and can be induced medically if spontaneous labour has not occurred

  • Multiple Births: Delivery Options

    At the beginning of the third trimester, you will have a discussion with your healthcare professionals regarding your choices about the birth