One Born Every Minute: The Dads

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      Three Men and Their Babies

      Is there more to being a young dad than sleepless nights, nappy disasters and no social life? Join three men in their 20s as they experience the highs and lows of looking after their newborns.

      This episode is subtitled4 mins 23
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      From Lad to Dad

      Darren's life used to be all about the pub, the footie and his mates. But everything changed one night five months ago when he became dad to twin boys Jack and Freddie.

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 51
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      Baby Bonding

      Twenty-six-year-old Al has lots of tricks up his sleeve when it comes to creating a strong bond with his young son, Ted, but what has worked best?

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 19
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      Big Kid

      Becoming a dad in his 20s was a shock to Michael, so how easy has it been to put down his comic books and computer games and become a responsible grown-up?

      This episode is subtitled4 mins 26
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      Double Trouble

      New dad Darren thought working 9-5 was hard. So how will he cope when he has to look after his five-month-old twin boys on his own for the first time?

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 38
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      Sleeping Like A Baby

      This time last year Michael from Leeds was out drinking pints at 4am. Now, he's up changing dirty nappies. Just how tiring is it being a new dad in those first few weeks?

      This episode is subtitled4 mins 38