One Born Every Minute: The Babies Revisited

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      Claire, James and Baby Pippa

      Baby Pippa is now 12 weeks old. "She's such a happy little baby", says mum Claire, and we see how she and James are coping with their fifth child in a self-confessed mad house.

      This episode is subtitled2 mins 45
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      Sarah, Chris and Oscar

      Sarah and Chris talk about their 'little fighter' Oscar, now four months old

      This episode is subtitled2 mins 40
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      Billie, Nathan and Tilly-Rose

      We revisit baby Tilly-Rose, as she approaches four months, and mum Billie and dad Nathan. Along with her older brother, Hayden, Tilly's arrival has ensured Billie and Nathan are 'friends for life'.

      This episode is subtitled2 mins 37
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      Maria, David and Baby Dax

      We catch up with five month old Baby Dax, who was born with one functioning kidney. Proud Mum and Dad explain how he's progressing and the extra care they'll take in his upbringing.

      This episode is subtitled2 mins 46