Reality TV star Jake Quickenden and stand-up comedian Paul Smith devote 10 months training to become MMA fighters. MMA is a competitive full-contact combat sport performed by professionals.


Paul wonders if he wants to get punched in the face. But Jake prefers pain to quitting.

20 mins

Episode 1

Jake wonders why he suddenly looks 45. Paul gets 'tickled' by top MMA coach John Kavanagh.

20 mins

Episode 2

Jake's kicked off all his leg hair. Paul dresses up like Bain for a fitness test.

19 mins

Episode 3

Paul reveals he has a 'Hulk nip'. A curry-fuelled Jake imagines a dust up in a car park.

17 mins

Episode 4

Paul grapples with Olympic wrestler Owen Livesey. Jake curses his 'chocolate' hamstrings.

18 mins

Episode 5

Jake balances ass kicking with a baby event. Paul bets a pro a tenner he can't tap him.

19 mins

Episode 6

A myofascial scrape leaves Paul red raw. Jake risks his groin playing footie for charity.

17 mins

Episode 7

Jake's broken but shredded. Paul finds himself in deep water when he disses Transformers.

23 mins

Episode 8

Training clashes with Paul's stand-up schedule and Jake's rehearsals for the Full Monty

20 mins

Episode 9

Jake starts an eight-month run of Full Monty and gives new meaning to spring out of bed

22 mins

Episode 10

Jake is hangry as he tries to make weight. Can Paul get used to being in a cage and hit?

23 mins

Episode 11

Spa or spar? Champagne and backrubs are exchanged for real pain and getting punched.

22 mins

Episode 12

The lads take stock - the sacrifices, the little steps as well as the big leaps forward

23 mins

Episode 13

Two distinct personalities have emerged - Jake the big hitter versus Paul the grappler

18 mins

Episode 14

Paul spars fully hydrated and Jake's got 'man flu'. The fight will stream on C4 Nov 4.

25 mins

Episode 15