No Angels

    • Series 2 Episode 1

      Beth has set her sights on the son of a wealthy patient, but a friend from her past reappears, asking her to steal drugs for him. Anji's completely in love with Callum, but he's going out with Daisy.

    • Series 2 Episode 2

      It's Easter time and for Lia, the pressures of work are mounting up. When the nurses are encouraged to pen a story for the ward's creative writing initiative, she lets rip.

    • Series 2 Episode 3

      Anji decides it's time she stopped messing around and looked for Mr Right, so she persuades the girls to go speed dating with her

    • Series 2 Episode 4

      Kate breaks the nurses' golden rule and starts dating a patient; Beth is increasingly irked by Jamie's social climbing; and Lia has to look after her daughter's pet rabbit

    • Series 2 Episode 5

      The Trust are looking for 'the face' of Yorkshire nurses to star in posters and adverts for their new recruitment campaign. Beth is cynical, until she finds out she is 'the face'.

    • Series 2 Episode 6

      Jamie's quest to become registrar has led him to desperate measures. It's the annual hospital ball and, to impress the powers that be, he asks Lia if she'll pretend to be his fiancée.

    • Series 2 Episode 7

      Anji's cousin Sujata has called up in a crisis. She's had a huge row with her parents and needs somewhere to stay. Meanwhile, Beth has a dinner date with new registrar Dr Tim.

    • Series 2 Episode 8

      Kate attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting after a misunderstanding at the water cooler, Beth goes out on the town with new agency nurse Justyn, and Lia breaks it off with Marcus