Naked & Invisible

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      Nude in Newington Green

      Ripped and always on display, Ashley wants to merge his meat and two veg

      NudityThis episode is subtitled4 mins 24
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      Naked in NW1

      Alternative model Alison attempts the world's biggest tattoo cover-up

      NudityThis episode is subtitled3 mins 38
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      Topless in Turnham Green

      A peep show in a phone box leads to a proposition on the street for Leyah

      NudityThis episode is subtitled3 mins 40
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      Bare-arsed in Bloomsbury

      Body-building champ Kate shows a lot of bottle stripping off in the supermarket

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 26
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      Uncovered in Clapton

      Suicide Girl Taylor gets legless in a posh cafe

      NudityThis episode is subtitled3 mins 29
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      Stripped in Spitalfields

      A cross-dressing librarian is in the market for nude thrills

      This programme contains some nudity throughoutThis episode is subtitled3 mins 13