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    S5-Ep8: Trailer

    It's finally here, the last ever Misfits episode... *holds back tears*

  • Trailer

    S5-Ep6: Trailer

    What's happening next week? Find out in the Episode 6 trailer. Well, not all of what's happening, we need to save some for the episode.

  • Trailer

    S5-Ep5: Trailer

    Finn's got himself a lady. There's nice.

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    S5-Ep4: Trailer

    Old Rudy 2, tortoises, jumpers, Jess and Rudy AND the PROPER return of Tim the GTA fella. Whoa it looks like a good 'un.

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    S5-Ep3: Trailer

    Braaaaaand neeeeeeew Misfits, the third episode of the last ever series coming your way, Wednesday at 10pm.