Rudy’s character is as varied and complex as his super-power suggests: he splits into two people, Rudy 1 and Rudy 2. Rudy 1 is rude, obnoxious and arrogant - you know, the funny one. But his alter ego is the polar opposite. He's sensitive and caring, constantly trying to help the feckless Rudy 1 make the right choices in life. Rudy never means to hurt people, it's just that he acts before he thinks and it's normally his friends who are left dealing with the all-too-often nightmarish consequences.

In the final series of Misfits, Rudy 2 discovers a support group for people with super powers, and once there he is encouraged by fellow attendees to stop taking flak from Rudy 1 and stand on his own two feet. When Rudy 2 confronts his other half about wanting to become his own person, Rudy 1 is predictably furious and dismissive, leading to a falling out between the two Rudys. But when Rudy 2 goes missing, Rudy 1 finds he can't cope as well on his own as he thought.