• Abbey (Natasha O'Keeffe)

    Talk about tricky to work out - blasé does't even come close to Abbey's attitude to life. Let's hope she works it all out this series.

  • Alex (Matt Stokoe)

    The handsome barman - he ain't 'alf fit, eh? - is back, and this time he's in orange. He got stabbed in the lung once. What's going on?

  • Jess (Karla Crome)

    WARNING: don't bullsh1t Jess. She's not good with people that aren't straight with her.

  • Finn (Nathan McMullen)

    Finally a Misfit with a power off the A list! Shame he's shit at using it. Poor ol' Finn.

  • Rudy (Joseph Gilgun)

    With Mr Wade you get two Misfits for the price of one. Expect crude, sick and obnoxious - from at least one of the Rudys.

  • Nathan

    An answer for everything, sarcasm, and a fondness for pushing things too far are Nathan's favourite past times

  • Simon

    Shy and socially awkward Simon has always been seen as the weird kid in the corner

  • Alisha

    Spoilt potty mouthed little princess Alisha thinks she's got life sorted as long as she can wind men around her little finger

  • Kelly

    Kelly's attitude is her suit of armour... and she's not a slag, alright?

  • Curtis

    Shamed sports star that once dreamed of Olympic gold