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    S5-Ep8: Preview Pics

    Here it is! The grand finale of all Misfits EVER. We've put together a ruddy huge-mongous gallery of pics from the last episode for your to look at. So you should.

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    S5-Ep7: Preview Pics

    We're having an effing party. Here are some pictures to get you all excited and that.

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    S5-Ep6: Preview Pics

    Look into the future in truly pictorial form. No knitting skills required, at all.

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    S5-Ep5: Preview Pics

    Here are a load of pictures from the one about Finn's "digital romance." Nope we don't mean that kind of digital romance. You've got a dirty mind.

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    S5-Ep4: Preview Pics

    We SAY preview, but you've probably seen the episode by now, eh? But hey, still nice to have a butchers.

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    S5-Ep3: Preview Pics

    Photographs off of Episode 3 of the last ever series. Eyeball them here.

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    S5-Ep2: Preview Pics

    Here are some pictures from the second episode of Series 5. LOOK AT THEM.

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    S5-Ep1: Preview Pics

    Sneaky little peeks at the episode in pictorial form