• S3-Ep8: Music

    Last tracklist of Series 3, and it's a belter

  • S3-Ep7: Music

    Episode 7 is all about the zombies - but no Monster Mash or Thriller on the tracklist, luckily

  • S3-Ep6: Music

    What were you listening to while Rudy worried about his dangly bits?

  • S3-Ep5: Music

    Just a bit too kewt. Which songs went with Seth + Kelly's kiss?

  • S3-Ep4: Music

    All the music from the one with, you know, the Nazis

  • S3-Ep3: Music

    Comic madnesses this week - and good tunes all over the shop. Gettum here.

  • S3-Ep2: Music

    Curtis, Melissa, man, woman, whassit matter? This episode's tunes were all bangers regardless - check out the music over here.

  • S3-Ep1: Music

    Brand new series, same old musical aceness. Check out the music we used in the first ep of Series 3 here.