• S2-Ep7: Music

    The louder you sing, the more presents you get right? Check out all the festive music from a very Misfits Christmas.

  • S2-Ep6: Music

    Queue? Pffft, pull back the velvet rope, I'm famous, daharling! All the 'don't you know who I am' tunes this way.

  • S2-Ep5: Music

    Simon's moody indie and some fancy-dress beats. Find it, listen to it, love it.

  • S2-Ep4: Music

    Motown, dubstep and Hanson (Hanson!?!). Plus a load of video gameness.

  • S2-Ep3: Music

    Tunes for unmasking heroes, plus loads of sexy songs of lurve

  • S2-Ep2: Music

    Dropping some heavyweight club action straight down your ear holes

  • S2-Ep1: Music

    Back once again, series 2 gets its freak on with some shape-shifting music