Ok, one last time around the block, here are all the tunes from the epic, grand finale of Misfits. Series 5 Spotify playlist, plus all the song names down there. Farewell Misfits music chums!

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  • Go on then, one last time: The Rapture - Echoes
  • The Jumper Posse do some good: Hot Chip - Out At The Pictures
  • Abbey contemplates being a nurse. Or a shepherd: The Drums - Let's Go Surfing
  • Back in the bar, Abbey realises there is no golf sale: R√∂yksopp - Happy Up Here
  • Rudy provides a friendly nipple: Kwes. - 36
  • Back in time, in the bar again. Same song again: The Drums - Let's Go surfing
  • CLASSIC ROOF SHOT TO END THINGS ON: The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy