• S5-Ep8: Music

    The last ever Misfits. IKR, sad. Good news, it had some epic songs for some epic moments. Spotify playlist and tracklist of tunes thisaway folks.

  • S5-Ep7: Music

    All the tunes from the one with the party and the pills. As you'd expect, there's some proper wicked club business this episode. Spotify playlist and more this way.

  • S5-Ep6: Music

    This week Alex learns about doing the right thing. Now you do the right thing and listen to this lot of music, y'hear!

  • S5-Ep5: Music

    All the tunage from the one where Finn ended up in a computer world. What more is there to say about that? Not much.

  • S5-Ep4: Music

    All the music from Episode 4 lives here. There's a Spotify playlist and everything. You should get involved.

  • S5-Ep3: Music

    Abbey finally discovered herself, Finn and Greg had a close encounter and Rudy... well, was Rudy. What did you listen to when all that happened? Find out here.

  • S5-Ep2: Music

    Meet the parents. Rudy's parents. What were you listening to when we said hello to mum and dad(s). Tracklist and Spotify playlist this way!

  • S5-Ep1: Music

    The FIRST episode of the LAST series had some rather chuffingly wonderful songs in it, including a classic from The Velvet Underground. Spotify player and tracklist thisaway...

  • S4-Ep8: Music

    The Four Horsemen... Misfits style! What were you listening to when the world nearly ended?

  • S4-Ep7: Music

    Wow. Nobody was expecting that from the probation worker, eh? Get all the karaoke tunes and more over here.