A series of outstanding digital animation films from Channel 4's digital and interactive animation scheme


Eerie animation about the rise of a supernatural figure with a cryptic message for mankind

First shown: Wed 14 Nov 2001 | 3 mins

King Pylon

A married couple on a road trip discover they're not quite where they intended to be...

First shown: Wed 14 Nov 2001 | 3 mins

The Wrong Turn

On Mars, a sight-seeing couple visit the only relic of extra-terrestrial life.

First shown: Wed 14 Nov 2001 | 3 mins

Tourist Trap

An everyday tale of small town life, stepfathers, and aliens.

First shown: Wed 14 Nov 2001 | 3 mins


A secret agent accepts a coded message in this cool, complex thriller with a twist

First shown: Wed 12 Dec 2001 | 3 mins


A stunning, secure location. But The Plot is not what it seems.

First shown: Tue 19 Nov 2002 | 3 mins

The Plot

The stylish tale of a pop princess who lets celebrity go to her head.

First shown: Wed 20 Nov 2002 | 3 mins

Lula Fantastic

Where are all the sexy men with personalities on the London Underground?

First shown: Thu 21 Nov 2002 | 3 mins

Love Tube

A family's holiday goes badly wrong when they end up in Yatkumchatka instead of Lanzarote

First shown: Tue 4 Nov 2003 | 3 mins

Trip to Yatkumchatka

An interactive narrative exploring identity and the contemporary environment

First shown: Wed 5 Nov 2003 | 3 mins


This short film from MESH tells the sinister tale of a man who goes to visit an old friend

First shown: Thu 6 Nov 2003 | 3 mins

Welcome to Glaringly

A high-octane parody of extreme sports

First shown: Mon 20 Sep 2004 | 3 mins


An evocative portrait of a relationship seen through the objects the couple collect

First shown: Wed 22 Sep 2004 | 3 mins


A transgression in a maximum security shopping facility results in a swift retribution

First shown: Thu 23 Sep 2004 | 3 mins


For some, the only way to make friends is to grow them

First shown: Tue 21 Aug 2012 | 3 mins

Killing Time at Home