Melissa & Joey

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      When Lennox gets suspended from school, Joe saves the day by getting Lennox to talk to the principal and accept her punishment.

    • Episode 2 - Moving On

      Mel dates a guy with ulterior motives, and Joe deals with getting his stuff back from his ex-wife - most importantly his flat-screen TV. Lennox tries to make friends in her new school.

    • Episode 3 - Nanny Love

      Joe fears that being a nanny will prevent him from having a love life, while Mel worries that a depressed Joe means no more gourmet food

    • Episode 4 - Boy Toys R Us

      Lennox starts dating a bad boy that Mel disapproves of, while Mel is also dating a bad boy of her own. Joe takes it upon himself to reorganise Mel's closet.

    • Episode 5 - The Perfect Storm

      Mel grounds Lennox because she is failing chemistry and needs to study. However, when Senator Russell Burke, Mel's father, shows up unexpectedly, he undermines her authority.

    • Episode 6 - Spies and Lies

      Mel catches Joe having secret meetings with a girl named Tessa in the basement, and discovers they are on a manhunt for her brother-in-law Lewis Scanlon

    • Episode 7 - Up Close and Personal

      When a reporter doing a profile on Mel discovers she has a male nanny working for her, the focus of the story shifts onto Joe

    • Episode 8 - Dancing with the Stars of Toledo

      Mel agrees to participate in a local Dancing with the Stars-themed charity event to raise money for the at-risk kids that Lennox tutors

    • Episode 9 - Seoul Man

      Mel needs to prove that all her employees are US citizens. However, all of Joe's paperwork has been subpoenaed by the court for his divorce hearing.

    • Episode 10 - In Lennox We Trust

      Mel is delighted when Lennox starts dating the Mayor's son. Ryder spends time with an elderly lady as part of his school community service programme.

    • Episode 11 - A Fright in the Attic

      Mel tries to get the kids excited about Halloween. Joe investigates noises coming from the attic, where he finds Lewis hiding from the police.

    • Episode 12 - Joe Knows

      Joe decides to start his own online business giving financial tips to investors and he asks Mel for some advice to help get the enterprise off the ground

    • Episode 13 - Enemies with Benefits

      Joe rekindles a romantic spark with his ex-wife Tiffany, but when Tiffany meets Mel, she reveals that she has been keeping a big secret from Joe

    • Episode 14 - Don't Train on My Parade

      Joe takes an interest in Mel's personal trainer as soon as they encounter each other, while Lennox has a crush on Beckett but does her best to stay just friends with him.

    • Episode 15 - Lost in Translation

      Mel asks Joe to act as translator when she has a meeting with a Japanese businessman, but once they all get together for dinner, things turn awkward.

    • Episode 16 - Joe Versus the Reunion

      Despite everything that has happened to him over the past year, Joe decides to go to his college reunion and meet up with his former classmates

    • Episode 17 - Toledo's Next Top Model

      Lennox is asked to become a model. Mel isn't keen on the idea until she finds out how much Lennox could earn. Joe tries to help Ryder ask out a scary girl.

    • Episode 18 - The Mel Word

      When Mel's cousin Emily gets engaged to her girlfriend Bianca, Mel plans their wedding, but it seems one of the brides-to-be has her eye on somebody else

    • Episode 19 - Auction Hero

      Mel urges Joe to volunteer to participate in a school charity auction, but when he does so, it seems that the winner of the event may have ulterior motives for taking part.

    • Episode 20 - Waiting for Mr Right

      Joe teases Mel when she brings home a boring guy, but she feels the pressure to be in a relationship when her last single friend gets engaged

    • Episode 21 - Young Love

      Mel embarks upon a romantic relationship with a younger man, while Lennox faces a challenge from one of her classmates when she aims to take up the post of editor of the school blog.

    • Episode 22 - Mel and Joe's Anniversary

      Joe confronts his ex-wife for going on a date with a new man to their special place on what would have been their wedding anniversary

    • Episode 23 - Going the Distance?

      As Mel's relationship with George gets more serious, he is offered a new job abroad and she is forced to contemplate the future of their romance

    • Episode 24 - All Politics Is Local

      Mel's father returns to town to lobby for a political bill that Mel opposes. Lennox's poems catch the attention of a popular classmate.

    • Episode 25 - The Other Longo

      When Joe's photographer brother Tony visits, Mel is impressed by his work and asks him to take some shots of her. Lennox avoids Ryder when he has a cold.

    • Episode 26 - Teacher/Teacher

      Joe gets Ryder into trouble with his teacher when he helps him to complete a homework assignment. Mel sneaks Lennox into a concert that is restricted to those who are 18 years old and over.

    • Episode 27 - Play Ball

      Mel recruits Joe to play a few games for her office's softball team when their star player is injured. Ryder creates tension with Lennox when he asks her to post Holly's story on the school blog.

    • Episode 28 - A House Divided

      Mel and Joe get into an unexpected property dispute with their neighbour. Ryder makes a short film about not texting while driving, starring Lennox.

    • Episode 29 - Do As I Say, Not As I Did

      Lennox plans to go to an all-night party with her boyfriend. Holly grows jealous when she and Ryder allow another girl into their study group.

    • Episode 30 - The Settlement

      Mel and Joe are faced with difficult decisions after Joe comes into some money. And a small leak in the ceiling grows into a huge problem for Mel.