American singletons marry complete strangers who have been selected for them by a team of relationship experts. They meet for the first time at their weddings; will the marriages last?


The drama-filled social experiment returns for an eighth series in Philadelphia, where four couples don't meet until their wedding. With just weeks to get to know each other, who will stay together?

Looking for Love: The stateside MAFS returns in Philadelphia, with an exploration of the matchmaking process

41 mins

Series 8 Episode 1

First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love: The four couples have to deal with marrying someone they've never met before

81 mins

Series 8 Episode 2

Married at Second Sight: Two more couples trust the experts and marry, and one couple has a shocking revelation

64 mins

Series 8 Episode 3

Strangers in Paradise: After their weddings, the four couples are whisked away to Costa Rica for their honeymoons

61 mins

Series 8 Episode 4

'Til Mud Do Us Part: As the honeymoons begin, some grow closer, while others hit bumps in the road

61 mins

Series 8 Episode 5

Honey, I'm Home?: After returning from their honeymoons, the couples face the challenge of living together

61 mins

Series 8 Episode 6

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: The couples meet each other's friends. Another pair consummate their marriage.

41 mins

Series 8 Episode 7

Can I Trust You?: With just four weeks left, the couples try to deepen their connection with their spouse

41 mins

Series 8 Episode 8

The Past and the Furious: The couples explore each other's pasts to work out if they are compatible for the future

41 mins

Series 8 Episode 9

One Month Down, Forever to Go?: As the couples mark one month together, some marriages are going better than others...

41 mins

Series 8 Episode 10

D Day Comes Early: As the couples look to the future, one pair consider calling it quits before decision day

42 mins

Series 8 Episode 11

My Little Secret: With a week to go, the couples address unanswered questions and a twist is announced

42 mins

Series 8 Episode 12

You Give Love a Bad Name: Trust is broken, secrets are revealed, and the heat turns up as the trip comes to an end

41 mins

Series 8 Episode 13

Doomed or Devoted: As decision day looms, it's the couples' last chance to confront their doubts

42 mins

Series 8 Episode 14

The End or the Beginning: It's decision day. Will the couples stay married or end it all and get a divorce?

42 mins

Series 8 Episode 15

Finale Reunion: All eight individuals reunite to talk about life after the cameras turned off

64 mins

Series 8 Episode 16