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Series 6 Episode 20

The bold social experiment where single people, matched by experts, marry total strangers, who they meet for the very first time on their wedding day

It's vow renewal time for the last of the newly-weds. As one couple reveal their decision, the other two face the toughest choice of their lives.

Can experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas help 16 hopeful single people find their perfect match - on their wedding days?

The couples reunite to reflect on their experiences of marrying a stranger

Mon 4 Oct, 9pm | 62 mins

Series 6 Episode 21

The last of the couples face the tough decision to stay married or go their separate ways

Fri 1 Oct, 9pm | 58 mins

Series 6 Episode 20

Three of the couples spend time apart to reflect on their future. Will they stay married?

Wed 29 Sep, 9pm | 43 mins

Series 6 Episode 19

The honesty box delivers some uncomfortable questions at the final dinner party

Tue 28 Sep, 9.07pm | 57 mins

Series 6 Episode 18

The couples have their final dates and their last chance to consider their futures

Mon 27 Sep, 9.02pm | 57 mins

Series 6 Episode 17

The homestays continue, but as loved ones voice their doubts one couple reach crisis point

Thu 23 Sep, 9pm | 46 mins

Series 6 Episode 16

The couples get a taste of the future on their homestays, which raises questions for some

Wed 22 Sep, 9pm | 45 mins

Series 6 Episode 15

Feelings deepen and the stakes are raised at the third and final Commitment Ceremony

Tue 21 Sep, 9pm | 45 mins

Series 6 Episode 14

Tensions run high at the third dinner party, as the repercussions of Girls Day are felt

Mon 20 Sep, 9pm | 53 mins

Series 6 Episode 13

The couples spend time apart at group girls' and boys' days out... with a few home truths

Thu 16 Sep, 9pm | 44 mins

Series 6 Episode 12

Marriages are put under the spotlight once more at the second Commitment Ceremony

Wed 15 Sep, 9pm | 50 mins

Series 6 Episode 11

The second dinner party brings surprise guests who send shockwaves through the group

Tue 14 Sep, 9pm | 46 mins

Series 6 Episode 10

'Yes Week' brings some of the couples closer together but pushes others to breaking point

Mon 13 Sep, 9pm | 45 mins

Series 6 Episode 9

In the Commitment Ceremony, the experts put the marriages under the spotlight

Thu 9 Sep, 9pm | 68 mins

Series 6 Episode 8

The newly-weds move in together and all eight couples meet each other for the first time

Wed 8 Sep, 9pm | 48 mins

Series 6 Episode 7

Four more couples head off on their honeymoon, but not everyone can find their spark

Tue 7 Sep, 9pm | 47 mins

Series 6 Episode 6

The final four singles plunge into marriage with a complete stranger

Mon 6 Sep, 9pm | 47 mins

Series 6 Episode 5

On their big day, one bride and groom discover that their differences may be an issue

Thu 2 Sep, 9pm | 47 mins

Series 6 Episode 4

The first four couples go on their honeymoons, but some aren't sure they're compatible...

Wed 1 Sep, 9pm | 53 mins

Series 6 Episode 3

More strangers get hitched - including Married at First Sight UK's first same sex wedding

Tue 31 Aug, 9pm | 47 mins

Series 6 Episode 2