Married at First Sight Australia

    • Series 3 Episode 8

      It's crunch time for the remaining couples as they reveal whether or not they will continue their relationships beyond the experiment

    • Series 3 Episode 7

      Cracks are beginning to appear in all the relationships, as the couples meet their in-laws

    • Series 3 Episode 6

      A dinner party for the remaining couples gives them a chance to size each other up, and leads to some edge-of-the-seat moments...

    • Series 3 Episode 5

      It's time for the couples to move in together, but pressure is mounting on some couples as they grapple with trust issues

    • Series 3 Episode 4

      All five couples are married and now enter the second phase of the experiment: the honeymoon

    • Series 3 Episode 3

      Four weddings down, one to go, and it looks like our expert matchmakers are on a roll as couples three and four get hot and heavy at the wedding reception

    • Series 3 Episode 2

      Two couples wake up in shared beds to their new reality as husband and wife, and we meet the final three couples

    • Series 3 Episode 1

      Meet the first two couples and their families as they prepare for the biggest day of their lives. For one father of the bride, will it all be too much to handle?