Mama's Angel

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    Walter's Intro

    This bold Israeli thriller dares to expose the shocking consequences of moral, political and social prejudice in an affluent middle-class community that's in shock after a brutal event in its midst

    Violence and distressing imagesThis episode is subtitled1 min 25
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    Episode 1 - Yom Kippur

    On the eve of Yom Kippur, the lives of prison therapist Yael, artist Rafa and his mother Nigist, and forensic scientist Naama are about to change for ever with the disappearance of Yael's son, Kfir

    Sexual scenes, nudity and disturbing scenesThis episode is subtitled41 mins
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    Episode 2 - 1995

    Detective Mendelovich leads the investigation into Kfir's death and must question his parents, Yael and Eitan. Amnon's parents Dina and Eran are faced with a dilemma, while Naama undergoes surgery.

    Disturbing scenes, scenes of a sexual nature and some violenceThis episode is subtitled44 mins
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    Episode 3 - The Slave of Toys

    When Rafa is detained by the police for questioning, Nigist seeks help and answers but receives neither. Yael begins an investigation of her own. Naama discovers that the crime scene was mishandled.

    Disturbing scenes, nudity and scenes of a sexual natureThis episode is subtitled46 mins
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    Episode 4 - 'I' Is for 'Idiot'

    Yael slips back to work and confronts her patient Sharon, who's been convicted of killing his children. A forensic team arrives at the Tamir residence. Naama's enquiries reveal more than she expected.

    Strong language, disturbing scenes and violenceThis episode is subtitled42 mins
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    Episode 5 - Bad Stuff to Be Savoured

    Mendelovich exposes Ruth's bleak family history. Jailed by the police, Rafa goes on hunger strike. Naama proves there's a connection between the marks on the two bodies, but she faces many barriers.

    Strong language, nudity, violence, graphic scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled42 mins
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    Episode 6 - Mother and Sister

    Nigist has to deal not only with her son Rafa, who is in prison and on hunger strike, but also with his father Avshi, who has reappeared in her life. Mendelovich doesn't listen to Naama's theory.

    Strong graphic images and strong languageThis episode is subtitled44 mins
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    Episode 7 - The Red Shoes

    Two weeks before the loss of Kfir, Sharon struggles with life, Orit and Addisu have an altercation that turns nasty, and Rafa's surprising plans are revealed after a trip to the post office with Amnon

    Sexual scenes and violenceThis episode is subtitled41 mins
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    Episode 8 - Only Flesh and Blood

    Four months have passed and the verdict is due to be delivered at Rafa's trial for the murder of Kfir. Tension is high between Yael and Eitan, Naama offers Nigist help, and Avshi makes Rafa a promise.

    Strong graphic images, sexual scenes and strong languageThis episode is subtitled43 mins
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    Episode 9 - The Truth

    Yael grows suspicious of Eitan and decides to meet with Rafa, but he's hesitant on realising who she is. Nigist and Ohana tell Rafa about the investigation's new leads. Avshi makes waves in the media.

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled41 mins
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    Episode 10 - Family Day

    Gil becomes scared of her father - he isn't who she thought he was. Another meeting between Yael and Rafa raises even more questions about Eitan. Afterwards, Yael encounters a frightened Nigist.

    With NudityThis episode is subtitled40 mins