Made in Chelsea


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    S12-Ep12: Gallery

    The Sloaners say farewell to series 12. What better way to celebrate than with a PARDY?!

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    S12-Ep11: Gallery

    It’s Christmas in the Royal Borough… time to get the kilts out. Happy Holidays!

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    S12-Ep10: Gallery

    Freddy’s whisked Olivia (and a few others) on a romantic getaway to Vienna. Prost to that!

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    S12-Ep9: Gallery

    Who’s ready to ROCK?! Our Sloaners, obvs.

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    S12-Ep8: Gallery

    Stephanie hosts a glamorous dinner party in the heart of Chelsea. Anyone order a side plate of sass?

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    S12-Ep7: Gallery

    Anyone who’s anyone went to Studio 54, darling. Sounds like these Sloaners’ kind of pardy!

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    S12-Ep6: Gallery

    Our Sloaners escape to the country for some rootin’, tootin’ shootin’. Aim… fire!

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    S12-Ep5: Gallery

    The days are getting shorter, the weather colder… What better way to ward off those winter blues than with a PARDY!

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    S12-Ep3: Gallery

    Boulle’s back and bidding to save the pangolin. Cue a fancy-pants presentation and party, obvs!

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    S12-Ep2: Gallery

    It’s Olivia’s big birthday bash! Time to crack open the champs and pardy, Bentley-style.

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    S12-Ep1: Gallery

    After a summer to end all summers, the Chelsea set are back in good old SW3.