Made in Chelsea


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    S11-Ep12: Gallery

    Rick Edwards gatecrashed their garden party and gave the Chelsea set a ruddy good going over in pure end-of-season style! Here’s to an explosive Series 11.

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    S11-Ep11: Gallery

    Nothing says summer like a Chelsea garden party. Here’s to walking across a beautifully manicured lawn without getting your heels stuck!

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    S11-Ep10: Gallery

    Hey-ho Daddy-o! Stephanie goes back in time to the fifties to celebrate turning the big 3-0. Dig that groovy beat!

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    S11-Ep9: Gallery

    Our Sloaners love any excuse to let their hair down. See them wild out!

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    S11-Ep8: Gallery

    What do our Sloaners do when there’s too much drama in SW3? Escape to the country, obvs!

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    S11-Ep7: Gallery

    Life is a cabaret! Well, for Ollie Locke, at least. See the gang get into their glad rags and enjoy the stage in all its glittering glory.

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    S11-Ep6: Gallery

    It’s safe to say Toff loves cheese. So much so, she’s only gone and thrown a wine and cheese party! Pass us the camembert, would you?

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    S11-Ep5: Gallery

    Who could say no to an invitation to the Maldives? Not this lot! Goodbye Blighty, hello sunshine…

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    S11-Ep4: Gallery

    Did someone say birthday pardy?! As Lucy turns a quarter of a century, the gang congregates for lashings of fun, cake… and drama!

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    S11-Ep3: Gallery

    What’s Made in Chelsea without an awkward dinner party? Supper is served...

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    S11-Ep2: Gallery

    DJ Mytton’s on the decks, which means it’s time to cut a rug. Drop that beat!

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    S11-Ep1: Gallery

    After a winter of hedonism, our Sloaners are back in SW3 and ready to get their culture on!