Made in Chelsea


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    S10-Ep12: Gallery

    It wouldn’t be a Made in Chelsea: End of Season Party without tantrums, tears and a heck of a lot of cringe! Here’s to an unforgettable Series 10.

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    S10-Ep11: Gallery

    Out with the old and in with the new; these Sloaners know how to throw an end of year party. Happy 2016!

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    S10-Ep10: Gallery

    It’s Christmas in Chelsea, which calls for a gloriously indulgent supper with lashings of sass. Happy Holidays!

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    S10-Ep9: Gallery

    These Chelsea folk just love a live gig. Rock on!

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    S10-Ep8: Gallery

    It’s a Chelsea birthday bonanza (albeit an awkward one) – bring on the cake!

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    S10-Ep7: Gallery

    The gang congregates for Dinan’s very clever science lecture. Time to get the specs out!

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    S10-Ep6: Gallery

    The Chelsea set dust off their Royal regalia for a party they’ll never forget!

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    S10-Ep5: Gallery

    There’s nothing more Chelsea than a black tie ball. Here are our Sloaners suited and booted in their best!

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    S10-Ep4: Gallery

    After all that sass flying around, the Chelsea set take a load off on the dancefloor.

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    S10-Ep3: Gallery

    Winter’s closing in, which calls for cosy candlelight and an Ollie Locke dinner party, obvs!

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    S10-Ep2: Gallery

    It's Jess's 21st, and the whole Chelsea gang are out to celebrate. After James and Alex have shared a bath though, obviously.

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    S10-Ep1: Gallery

    After spending the summer in LA, the Chelsea set are back, which calls for an elaborate party!