Made in Chelsea


  • 24

    S13-Ep12: Gallery

    Series 13 has officially drawn to a close. Time to pop the champers!

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    S13-Ep11: Gallery

    With baby buh’s imminent arrival, the Sloaners threw Chelsea’s ma and pa-to be one final Royal baby bash!

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    S13-Ep10: Gallery

    Classic cars, classic cocktails and classic Chelsea drama!

  • 12

    S13-Ep9: Gallery

    Drama is best served hot… Dig in!

  • 13

    S13-Ep8: Gallery

    Grab those wickets… it’s game time!

  • 12

    S13-Ep6: Gallery

    The key to throwing the perfect soirée? Dabble in diamonds, darling!

  • 15

    S13-Ep5: Gallery

    The Chelsea set put on their dancing shoes and went all rock ‘n’ roll on us. Totes cool.

  • 13

    S13-Ep4: Gallery

    It’s Sam Prince's party and he'll flirt if he wants to.

  • 12

    S13-Ep3: Gallery

    Can Sam throw an epic party to impress the socks off Tiff’s Dad? Heck yeah, he can!

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    S13-Ep2: Gallery

    This week, the Chelsea set saw it all… sun, sea and the sex of Binky and JP’s baby buh!

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    S13-Ep1: Gallery

    The Chelsea set are back, which calls for the most decadent of celebrations… a royal Russian ball.

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    S12-Ep12: Gallery

    The Sloaners say farewell to series 12. What better way to celebrate than with a PARDY?!

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    S12-Ep11: Gallery

    It’s Christmas in the Royal Borough… time to get the kilts out. Happy Holidays!

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    S12-Ep10: Gallery

    Freddy’s whisked Olivia (and a few others) on a romantic getaway to Vienna. Prost to that!