Uncivil war

O is for oyster, of which a heck of a lot were eaten in SW3 this week!

After Stephanie and Julius' flirt-fest in the library, the two set a date for a romantic meal. Fuelled by a banging libido (twenty-four oysters would do that to you), our resident singer went in for a kiss, but when Stephanie finds out Julius is more fresh-faced than she thought, our dreams of CowPratt stopped short of a second date.

Meanwhile, Binky and her besties are at an all-time low. With both parties seeking guidance from their fellow Sloaners, an awkward encounter with Mark Francis spurs the girls to hash it out over the biggest wine glasses known to man. Result!

And finally, with Sam desperate for his favourite girls to make peace, Tiff and Toff finally settle their differences over a cup of Joe. But Jess is less than impressed when she finds out, leaving us wondering whether Jessy and Toffy really will be no more.

Here’s a countdown of the best bits from Chelsea this week…


And the best facial expression goes to... Mark Francis’ eye roll. .


And the outfit of the week goes to... Jess' 'sad Ewok'.

Yub nub


And the most memorable insult goes to... Stephanie's sass.




And the most awkward moment goes to... Emily's coffee slip.



And the question boggling our Sloaners’ minds this week is...

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And the most outrageous moment goes to... Julius' oyster spree.

Julius' oyster spree


And the man of the hour this week is... Jamie for being Chelsea's agony aunt.

That’s it until next time...

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