A winter’s tail.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, yet Louise and Ryan have been anything but.

With Ryan pushing for loyalty and Louise trust, it seemed as though our ab-fab couple may have shared their last kiss under the mistletoe. Cue a cute puppy wrapped in a bow and poof, all their troubles melted away like snow. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Meanwhile, Jamie has finally taken the hint about Frankie’s floordrobe and enlisted his fellow Lost Bois to help him get the Christmas present she’s been waiting for all year – a wardrobe!

And finally, Stephanie reckons she has a sizzling chemistry with Alex Mytton, aka Myttontoe, and plots to seduce him with a rather large surprise. But, after an uncertain (and awkward) chat at the reeling party, we’re left wondering whether her Christmas wish will come true, after all.

Here’s a countdown of the best bits from Chelsea this week…


And the best facial expression goes to... Frankie’s Christmas gift grin.

Merry Christmas, one and all!


And the outfit of the week goes to... the Lost Bois’ Chrimbo jumpers.


And the most memorable insult goes to... Louise’s present affront.




And the most awkward moment goes to... Mytton’s yes, but no.


And the question boggling our Sloaners’ minds this week is...

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And the most outrageous moment goes to... Stephanie’s surprise!


And the man of the hour this week is... Sam for taking our breath away (in more ways than one).

That’s it until next time...

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