Made in Chelsea


  • LA-Ep5: Music

    Let's hold our hands up and say it's 'BANANAS' - serious feels have been matched with some seeerious beats. Check out this week's tunes.

  • LA-Ep2: Music

    Jamie didn't waste any time on his date, so do exactly the same but with this week's ruddy good playlist

  • S9-Ep12: Music

    It's the final episode of the series. Confrontations, breakups and fireworks inevitable.

  • S9-Ep11: Music

    What a day to be alive! It is MIC's 100th episode - Spenny is in trouble and Louise is left all lonely...

  • S9-Ep9: Music

    Worrying times in SW3. It may be plain sailing for Stosh and Stiff, but Louik is definitely on the rocks

  • S9-Ep8: Music

    Alik and Louise's relationship is threatened by forces from another continent...

  • S9-Ep7: Music

    Spencer is torn between salvaging his relationship with Lauren, or salvaging his friendship with Lucy...

  • S9-Ep6: Music

    Nicola isn't too happy with Jamie's revelations about Jess's 'unfinished business', while Lucy and Steph are set for a confrontation

  • S9-Ep5: Music

    Steph is caught between feuding boyfriend Josh and her best friend Lucy...

  • S9-Ep4: Music

    The Jess-Andy-Fleur triangle gains an extra corner: in the form of Jamie.