Made in Chelsea


  • S7-Ep11: Music

    HEY MiC FANS, HOLD BACK THE TEARS, Series 7 is over, yup, but we’ve got one last music playlist of the series. Look at it here.

  • S7-Ep10: Music

    Whoa it's properly summer, right? BBQs, impromptu rainstorms and – crucially – a right summery soundtrack. What did you hear this week? Check out our Spotify playlist and enjoy...

  • S7-Ep9: Music

    OH MAN! The dramas just keep on coming and this time poor old Cheska got an earful from Binks. But what did YOU get an earful of? (see what we did there?) Check out the music from episode 9

  • S7-Ep8: Music

    Let's all have a posh picnic, with tables and EVERYTHING! You know what else this needs? Bloomin' good music, that's what. All the tunes, Spotify playlist and all that this way.

  • S7-Ep7: Music

    This week we were joined by PEACE! ACTUAL PEACE! THE REAL BAND! LIVE! Fun, and also (cue awful pun) the only peace we saw in the episode, hahahahahaha. Full episode playlist this way with Spotify and that.

  • S7-Ep6: Music

    This week Femme was on the show. AND FEMME WAS IN THE SHOW! In fact she made Andy and Fran NOD LIKE ACTUAL NODDING DOGS. What else got you guys nodding?

  • S7-Ep5: Music

    Venice! Aurelie! Water cycling! KILLER TUNES! This boomin' brilliant episode needed an equally ace soundtrack - which it did. Here is our Spotify playlist and tracklist and that.

  • S7-Ep4: Music

    This week, while Balex were sifting through the debris left from last time, everyone else had an actual ball. The swines. What were the jams that accompanied the lot? Here’s our playlist...

  • S7-Ep3: Music

    Oh gosh, revelations abound. What were you listening to when it all kicked off? This week's playlist lives here, Spotify an' all...

  • S7-Ep2: Music

    The Chelsea rumour mill churns on… tell you what isn’t a rumour (cue completely seamless link), the MiC soundtrack is TOTALLY AWESOME AGAIN!