Made in Chelsea


  • S5-Ep11: Music

    Here y'are then, last ep of the series (sad face)... splendid lot of tunes to say ta ta with, though. Enjoy, MiC music fans! x

  • S5-Ep10: Music

    Pack your cases, we're off to Barcelona. Here are the tracks you heard while Spencer was being completely inappropriate. And Alex was 100% cool with it.

  • S5-Ep9: Music

    Oi you, fancy having a right glitzy masked ball? YEAH GO ON THEN! Here's the ruddy music for it, in wicked playlist form.

  • S5-Ep8: Music

    We're having a housewarming party! In the pub! Yeah, we know it doesn't make sense... all the music lives here though, so it doesn't matter.

  • S5-Ep7: Music

    What's the perfect music for a barn dance pardy? This music, that's what! Get the tracklist over this way, ladies and gents.

  • S5-Ep6: Music

    Finally, nostrils and 'Ouise hooked up. What was the soundtrack to their very first date at the bowling alley? Find out here, music luvvers!

  • S5-Ep5: Music

    HOORAY! It's FNY's (that's what we call Fran now) birthday! The music was ace, obviously. Good job too, she knows loads about music.

  • S5-Ep4: Music

    Episode 4 saw Spencer sweating in this hat. It also had yet another killer soundtrack.

  • S5-Ep3: Music

    This episode was AAAAALL about LFW. That's London Fashion Week, if you didn't know. Which you should've. Which songs graced the after-parties?

  • S5-Ep2: Music

    Songs from the slopes this week, MiCrew! What filled your lugholes, other than snow? Anything cheesier than Flirty Fondue?