Made in Chelsea


  • S12-Ep12: Music

    Relive all the best bits from series 12 with the official Christmas Party playlist!

  • S12-Ep11: Music

    It's Christmas and our Lost Bois throw the ultimate festive party.

  • S12-Ep10: Music

    Toff and Tiff are on a trip to Vienna with Fred, Liv and Julius, but could this cause a rift between Jess and Toff?

  • S12-Ep9: Music

    Binky, Louise and Rosie's friendship is at an all-time low, while Tiff and Toff attempt to bury the hatchet.

  • S12-Ep8: Music

    Stephanie throws a dinner party and seats herself between the bachelors.

  • S12-Ep7: Music

    Frankie and Jamie hit another rocky patch, while the tension between Toff and Tiff comes to a head.

  • S12-Ep6: Music

    Sam is feeling the pressure over his relationship with Tiff. Frankie is now living with Jamie, and Fred goes on a date with Olivia.

  • S12-Ep5: Music

    Since Fred's naked photo shoot with Olivia, Julius has noticed a certain chemistry between the two singletons.

  • S12-Ep4: Music

    Julius annoys JP with more details about the camping trip. Emily and Alex go on a date, and tongues are wagging when Fred poses naked for Olivia's portfolio.

  • S12-Ep3: Music

    JP and Binky's relationship meets an obstacle when Julius goes on Binky's girls camping trip