Made in Chelsea


  • S10-Ep11: Music

    Sam's delighted to have won Tiff back, but will their joy be short-lived?

  • S10-Ep10: Music

    It's the festive season in the Royal Borough and all Sam wants for Christmas is Tiff

  • S10-Ep9: Music

    Things between Alex and Nicola take a turn for the worse when Binky gets involved

  • S10-Ep8: Music

    Alik returns to London to establish what happened between Elliot and Louise

  • S10-Ep7: Music

    Jess is desperate for a reconciliation with Jamie but will her approach make things worse?

  • S10-Ep6: Music

    Trouble is brewing for Alex as Nicola jets in from Ireland

  • S10-Ep5: Music

    Steph embarks on new adventures, while Binky is far from impressed that Spencer has started to date Ollie's new girlfriend

  • S10-Ep4: Music

    Spencer can't resist the lure of Ollie's current flame Emma - but will she fall for his charms?

  • S10-Ep3: Music

    Binky is introduced to Ollie's new girlfriend Emma, while Toff reveals she has a secret crush

  • S10-Ep2: Music

    Jamie takes his campaign to woo Jess all the way to Ibiza, meanwhile Tiff and Sam pick up the pieces after Tiff's rooftop revelations