Made in Chelsea


  • S1-Ep8: Music

    Series finale = mega-good-soundtrack, natually. What played while Caggie said goodbye?

  • S1-Ep7: Music

    Francis and Fredrik have been bad boys - what were you listening to while they did it?

  • S1-Ep6: Music

    Beaut restaurants, beaut beaches, beaut beats

  • S1-Ep5: Music

    The climax of Hugo's tough decision... what were you listening to?

  • S1-Ep4: Music

    What was the soundtrack to Ollie's revelation? Find out here.

  • S1-Ep3: Music

    Banging guns and banging tunes - more fire!

  • S1-Ep2: Music

    Music to ski to, plus so dinner-party tracks

  • S1-Ep1: Music

    All the tunes from the first episode and that party in Raffles