Made in Chelsea


  • NYC-Ep6: Music

    Start spreadin' the news - OK we won't go all Frank Sinatra, but MiC is leaving Manhattan (sad face). So to rap it up, here's the last of the tunes from New York... New York, New Yorrrk!!

  • NYC-Ep5: Music

    When Stephanie steps in and asks YOU 'What ya gonna do?' You should know exactly what to do - listen to our playlist. It's awesome. It's thisaway... what could be easier?

  • NYC-Ep4: Music

    Spencer and Stevie are both into Billie and that makes one HUUUGE love triangle. (Cue rubbish link) It's not as big though, as the sweet soundtrack that accompanied it. You can listen to it all, right here, via our Spotify playlist.

  • NYC-Ep3: Music

    A naked guy, sweets and a Boat PARDDDYYY! Yeah that's right, the gyals see A WILLY. Hehe. Binky's birthday was celebrated in style and we've got the equally ace soundtrack in Spotify form.

  • NYC-Ep2: Music

    Just as much drama in The Big Apple as there was in Chelsea. You know what else there's just as much of? Bloomin' good tunes, that's what! Ace soundtrack in Spotify playlist form thisaway

  • NYC-Ep1: Music

    New York, new start, new drama and NEW PLAYLIST. We're back so plug in your earholes to the sounds from across the pond, you lucky lot.