Made in Chelsea


  • LA-Ep6: Music

    It's all over. And we're not just talking about the series. Brace yourselves for some serious feels, and check out this week's tunes.

  • LA-Ep5: Music

    Let's hold our hands up and say it's 'BANANAS' - serious feels have been matched with some seeerious beats. Check out this week's tunes.

  • LA-Ep4: Music

    Seen as Jamie just loved Naz's question time SOOO MUCH, it's our turn for you - have you listened to the sound track yet?

  • LA-Ep3: Music

    The Sloane squad hit sin city and it would be absolute sacrilege if we didn't give you the top tunage that joined them.

  • LA-Ep2: Music

    Jamie didn't waste any time on his date, so do exactly the same but with this week's ruddy good playlist

  • LA-Ep1: Music

    Here y'are then, the SW3's are in LA! Sit back and let Chelsea guide you through the sounds of summer.