There have been some real corkers (and some proper blinders) when it comes to love in SW3. Here are some of the most romantic and not-so-romantic MiC moments.

Sam gave Tiff an owl to prove just how much she made his heart thump.

Jess, on the other hand, gave Jamie a friend balloon. Awks...

Dickie took Stephanie on a date to meet his robots. N’aw!

Jamie took Frankie and Jessica Molly on a date... on the SAME NIGHT at the SAME TIME.

JP dropped a bomb. The L-bomb.

Ryan also dropped a bomb. A puppy-bomb. Right in the middle of an argument. Surprise!

Jamie gave Frankie a wardrobe. The most sentimental gift, like, ever.

While Sam got down on one knee, but didn’t put a ring on it.

Fred only had eyes for one person, Olivia (swoon).

Spencer, however, had eyes for everyone.