Ten life lessons we can all learn from the king of chic, because - let’s face it - who wouldn’t want to live like Russian royalty?

1. Apologising is really such a bore.

Sorry, not sorry.

2. Everything needs to be curated.

3. You are not made for picking up dry cleaning.

4. Retail therapy is the best way to get over anything.

In the words of Mr. Vandelli himself, “Throw on a heel and come shopping!”

5. Sometimes you need someone with a huge... spark.

6. Don’t be a stagnant pond.

7. Get over it and go sculpt yourself.

Angles are everything.

8. Sabotage is not chic.

9. An overly tanned stomach is never chic.

10. You don’t need to see anything. As long as people see you, you’re perfectly alright.