Made in Chelsea: Ibiza


  • Ibiza-Ep6: Music

    After a showdown over dinner, will Tiff and Sam repair their relationship? Jamie struggles to come to terms with his split from Frankie, and Julius spreads gossip.

  • Ibiza-Ep5: Music

    Tiff is determined to move on with a handsome stranger. Julius and Ella arrive in Ibiza to support Mimi but a group dinner proves to be a recipe for disaster.

  • Ibiza-Ep4: Music

    Sam Prince is determined to show Toff he's turned over a new leaf with Mark Francis as mentor.

  • Ibiza-Ep3: Music

    Alex makes it his mission to find Olivia a man, while he arrival of Louise threatens to derail Sam and Mimi's blossoming romance.

  • Ibiza-Ep2: Music

    Things between Frankie and Emily take a turn for the worse after Harry's meddling, and Sam Prince is trying to pick himself up after he and Toff decide to cool things off.

  • Ibiza-Ep1: Music

    On a temporary break with Tiff, Sam is looking for fun, while Victoria encourages Mark Francis to find his spiritual side