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Episode 1: Spencer and Andy

The ultimate Made in Chelsea super-fan show, hosted by your favourite MiC cast, featuring you, the fans and a whole load of LOLs. It's exclusive to the internet, you lucky lot!

Bromance of the moment Spandy take us through some of the funniest, wildest and downright weirdest Made in Chelsea social media superfan action of the week in our new-look online show


More insight into all things Made in Chelsea series 7

Bromance of the moment Spandy take us through the week's superfan action

13 mins

Episode 1: Spencer and Andy

Join Ollie 'Wise Prudders' Proudlock and Queen of the Eyerolls Lucy Watson

13 mins

Episode 2: Proudlock and Lucy

It's the turn of Chelsea's newest detective duo Cheska and Stevie to take the hot seat

14 mins

Episode 3: Cheska and Stevie

Watch out superfans, SHE'S BACK. Stephanie 'Hey A**HOLE' Pratt joins Jamie for more fun.

15 mins

Episode 4: Stephanie and Jamie

Take one Pug, one Porg and a load of MiC online LOLs

15 mins

Episode 5: Spencer and Louise

It's the return of The Mun and The Shoulder Pad Queen aka Proudlock and Rosie

15 mins

Episode 6: Proudlock and Rosie

Mr Mark Francis Vandelli and Andy Jordan take control of our online superfan show

12 mins

Episode 7: Mark Francis and Andy

It's time for some classic awkwards as we've got exes Sam and Riley in the hot seat

15 mins

Episode 8: Sam and Riley

Janey Felstead, aka Binky's Mum, is joined by Edo and Fordy to chat about episode nine

14 mins

Episode 9: Binky's Mum, Edo and Fordy

Yep, her name's Toff, let's just get over it OK? Toff and Sam trawl the MiC internet LOLs.

14 mins

Episode 10: Sam and Toff

Mr Biscuits and Stephen present the last of the series ALL THE WAY FROM NEW YORK, BABY!

16 mins

Episode 11: Jamie and Stevie

Mark Francis, Louise and a smattering of super-fans guide you through pre-series 7 hype

7 mins

2014: Pre-season Teaser