Location, Location, Location
Series 39 Episode 2: Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, Kirstie helps Sadia and Sohail break the shackles of flat-living, while Phil's with Freya and Elliot, who are set on exclusive enclaves - in a fast-moving market

Next on TV: Wed 5 Jun, 8pm

Can Antoinette and Matt finally get on the property ladder? Catherine wants a fresh start.

Wed 29 May, 8pm | 47 mins

Kirstie helps shy spenders Adam and Nicole. Phil helps Kat who has a million-pound budget.

Wed 22 May, 8pm | 47 mins

In Yorkshire, Emily and Joe race to find a home before their rental agreement runs out

Wed 15 May, 8pm | 47 mins

Amanda and Annette search for a bungalow. Will it be Brighton or Hove for Danit and Rafi?

Wed 8 May, 8pm | 47 mins

Did Sammi and Tom conquer Leeds' rising house prices and is Tim still in his Oxford oasis?

First shown: Wed 22 Nov 2023 | 47 mins

Can Kirstie hit the right note with musicians Molly and Sam who need a place to grow into?

First shown: Wed 8 Nov 2023 | 47 mins

Two couples have a taste for pricey Edinburgh's most popular enclaves

First shown: Wed 1 Nov 2023 | 47 mins

Ellen and Michael see a flat's potential, while Nune and Benoit are left speechless

First shown: Wed 25 Oct 2023 | 47 mins

The duo help priced-out pair Natalie and Glen, and Amy, who seeks the seaside idyll

First shown: Wed 25 Oct 2023 | 47 mins

Have Kirsten and Scott finally put down roots? And did Digi find her passion project?

First shown: Wed 14 Jun 2023 | 47 mins