Location, Location, Location

    • Episode 17 - Series 18 Episode 11: Manchester

      Kirstie and Phil visit Manchester to hunt out two very different homes for two young buyers new to the market. But the searches are not as simple as they seem...

    • Episode 16 - Series 18 Episode 10: Wiltshire & Windsor Revisits

      Kirstie and Phil catch up with two sets of house hunters: Paul and his American bride Alissa in Windsor, and Malcolm and Jenny in Wiltshire, who wanted a home that would give them a warm hug

    • Episode 15 - Series 18 Episode 9: North West England & Herefordshire

      Kirstie and Phil catch up with Rik and Helen in Manchester, and Alison and Phil in Herefordshire. Did Rik and Helen find a family home, and did Alison and Phil's big move work out?

    • Episode 14 - Series 18 Episode 8: Kent & Edinburgh Revisits

      Kirstie and Phil revisit Ian and family, who wanted to find the perfect seaside home in Broadstairs, Kent and Tara Magee and Alastair Murray, who were desperate to buy their first home in Edinburgh

    • Episode 13 - Series 18 Episode 7: Southbank & Cheltenham Revisits

      Kirstie and Phil revisit Isobel Phillips and Chris Martin in the Cotswolds. And on London's Southbank, 18-year-old student Claire Winshipp was looking to spend £1.7 million on a riverside apartment.

    • Episode 12 - Series 18 Episode 6: Sheffield & Windsor Revisits

      Phil and Kirstie revisit globetrotter Matt in Windsor, and Justin and Deborah in Sheffield, to see what a few new additions to the family did for their house-hunting dreams

    • Episode 11 - Series 18 Episode 3: North London

      Phil meets three friends searching for a London pad, while Kirstie helps newly-weds Daniel and Jennie to find their marital home in north London

    • Episode 10 - Series 18 Episode 2: Windsor & Maidenhead

      Kirstie and Phil hit the pavements of Windsor and Maidenhead in a bid to find homes for Nicki, Damien and Maria

    • Episode 9 - Series 18 Episode 1: South East London

      Kirstie and Phil meet two pairs of buyers who hope to make south-east London their home - cruise ship workers Peter and Jason and designers Nadine and Toby

    • Episode 8 - Series 18 Episode 4: Liverpool

      Kirstie and Phil are in Liverpool, seeking out the best property for some very picky house hunters

    • Episode 7 - Series 17 Episode 7: South West London

      Kirstie and Phil take on the challenge of two pairs of buyers keen to set up home in London's leafy south west, but with very different lifestyles in mind

    • Episode 6 - Series 17 Episode 6: Nottinghamshire

      Kirstie and Phil head to Nottinghamshire to help two sets of house hunters desperate to fly the nest and set up on their own. But are their expectations greater than their budgets?

    • Episode 5 - Series 17 Episode 5: Southern Counties

      Kristie and Phil tackle more property purchasing problems, searching through Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire for Lucy and David and Kelly and Emma.

    • Episode 4 - Series 17 Episode 4: North East London

      Kirstie and Phil help Sarah and Stewart and Louise and Matt look for homes in the highly competitive property market in north east London

    • Episode 3 - Series 17 Episode 3: Tyne and Tees

      Kirstie and Phil go property hunting in north east England for new parents Karen and Chris, and Kris and Heather, who aren't sure if they want to live in the city or the country

    • Episode 2 - Series 17 Episode 2: Devon

      Kirstie and Phil hit the beaches and villages of rural Devon and the seaside town of Torquay looking for homes for local newlyweds Sam and Jamie and football coach Geoff and his family

    • Episode 1 - Series 17 Episode 1: Harrow & Herts

      Kirstie and Phil face a double challenge that's all about post codes and pickiness when they search for dream family homes in Harrow and Hertfordshire