The Kiwi version of the brick contest. Six teams compete to become Lego Masters.


Grand Finale: The finalists build their big masterpieces, creating whatever they fancy

First shown: Thu 3 Aug 2023 | 44 mins

Episode 9

Above and Below: The semi-finalists must create a fantastic monster and a lair for it to live in

First shown: Wed 2 Aug 2023 | 44 mins

Episode 8

Roll the Dice: The teams design and build original board games in the Mousetrap and Operation mould

First shown: Tue 1 Aug 2023 | 44 mins

Episode 7

Monochrome: The remaining teams must create an emotional work of art made entirely from one colour

First shown: Mon 31 Jul 2023 | 44 mins

Episode 6

Keep Us in Suspense: The teams build a creation suspended from a wire. One team will be eliminated.

First shown: Fri 28 Jul 2023 | 45 mins

Episode 5

Bridging the Gap: The teams build spectacular two-metre-long bridges, which are tested with weighted bungees

First shown: Thu 27 Jul 2023 | 43 mins

Episode 4

Cut in Half: The contestants must build a Lego creation starting with half of an everyday object

First shown: Wed 26 Jul 2023 | 44 mins

Episode 3

Bowled Over: The teams must create an emblem to represent a cricketing nation

First shown: Tue 25 Jul 2023 | 43 mins

Episode 2

Archipe-LEGO: The teams build tourist islands. The winners earn the Power Brick.

First shown: Mon 24 Jul 2023 | 44 mins

Episode 1