Artist Lee Baker’s love of customising and improving design has been with him since his teens when he customised and raced classic VW Beetles.

He went on to study fine art at Newcastle University and in his working life Lee has been a music producer and recording artist, a theatre designer for The National Theatre and English National Opera, and a successful artist working in print and installations.

This varied background and love of tinkering with design makes him a talented and passionate upcycler – his home is full of furniture he’s transformed. He loves nothing more than digging around in Brighton’s junk shops and salvage yards and says ‘If I’ve got a great piece of furniture then I actually can’t bear to see it sitting there just as a straight up piece of furniture!’

He’s up for the challenge of upcycling any piece of furniture we can throw at him – and he wants to show the British public how they can do it themselves.

“You can have a really lovely home for absolutely sod all!”